Helping Your Senior Loved One Draft a Living Will

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A living will is a document that allows seniors to specify how they want to handle their health care and end-of-life plans if they are unable to communicate their wishes. Prestige Home Care, a trusted provider of home care in Orlando, hopes family members will find the following information about living wills useful and comforting when discussing end-of-life options with their senior loved ones.

When a Living Will Should Be Drafted

Living wills are extremely common for seniors who are terminally ill or for seniors who have experienced serious physical trauma. However, seniors in good health who simply want to write out their end-of-life wishes can draft a living will as well. Anyone can write one if he or she wants to ensure that his or her medical care wishes are respected, regardless of age or health status.

What Living Wills Do

Living wills typically discuss and individual’s preferences with regard to mechanical ventilation, organ and body donation after death, dialysis, resuscitation, palliative care, antiviral medicines, antibiotics and tube feeding. Living wills are also frequently known by the name “advanced directive.”

Establishing Living Wills

It’s important to remember each state has specific guidelines regarding living wills. Seniors who want to establish living wills generally obtain an attorney who draws up forms that are notarized and signed by witnesses. Legal assistance isn’t necessarily required, however. Once a senior finishes writing a living will, he or she should make a copy of it immediately and give it to his or her physician.

Discussing end-of-life wishes with senior loved ones isn’t easy, but it’s never too early to help your family member draft a living will. While living wills can help seniors plan for the future, your family can take steps to ensure your loved one’s immediate needs are met by looking into hourly or live-in home care in Orlando with Prestige Home Care. Call us today at 407.232.7155 and ask one of our friendly Care Managers about our services. We can help your senior family member with daily tasks around the house like cooking, cleaning, and safety monitoring to make life easier for your loved one. Schedule your free consultation today.

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