Growing New Neurons with Nanogel

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Scientists recently developed a unique nanogel that stimulates the growth of new neurons in the brain and gives new hope to Alzheimer’s caregivers in Prestige Home Care. The discovery may one day lead to the eradication of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other disease processes that cause permanent neuron destruction and overall mental and physical deterioration.

Nanoparticle Technology

Nanoparticles are biocompatible, microscopic structures that are able to carry medications or other chemicals into the body to targeted regions. The structures are coated with special proteins that prevent a reaction from the immune system while dissolving naturally after contacting specific cells in need of treatment. Thus far, the technology has been successful in the fight against malignant cells.

Innovative Nanogel

Dr. Victor Castano and a team of researchers from the Centre of Applied Physics and Advanced Technology at the University of Mexico recently developed a nanogel from nanoparticles that seem to help regenerate brain tissue. The substance is biocompatible, which prevents immune system destruction or rejection, allowing the nanogel to reach the targeted area without incident. Scientists injected the nanogel into the laboratory animals while successfully bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

The researchers then activated the gel externally using laser light. Lasers were also used to manipulate the neurons, which stimulated cell growth. The implications of the research mean that one day, in the face of disease processes, neuroscientists and physicians might be able to stimulate growth of healthy neurons in an attempt to replace damaged brain cells. The scientists also believe that once patients receive nanogel injections, the substance might prove beneficial during diagnostic CT or MRI scans by creating a clearer picture.

Neuron Regeneration Research

A team of stem cell biologists from the Stanford School of Medicine has successfully created neurons in the laboratory by combining stem cells with particular proteins that enable immature cells to grow into neurons. However, preliminary studies indicate that less than 20 percent of the cells survived. The remaining cells also demonstrate unusual fragility, which further leads to cell loss. Once perfected, the technology might become another technique for curing neurological diseases using nanotechnology. With any luck these techniques will pave the way for medical professionals and dementia home care agencies in Prestige Home Care, to overcome neurological disorders.

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