6 Common Migraine Triggers

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6 Common Migraine Triggers and their treatment by prestige home care Orlando

A pounding migraine headache can be extremely painful, and unfortunately, seniors are more likely to live with this chronic condition. These headaches are normally triggered by a change in blood pressure or shifts in brain chemicals, but Altamonte Springs home care providers know that they can also be prompted by a variety of everyday things. Seniors should try to avoid these six triggers to avoid developing migraines.

1. Foods That Contain Nitrates

Nitrates are natural compounds that are found in some vegetables and many cured meats. Though they do not trigger migraines in all seniors, these foods can start very powerful migraines among many people. They are found in radishes, spinach, hot dogs, bacon, sausages, lunch meat, and ham.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol prompts migraines in multiple ways. If a senior drinks too much, he or she may get dehydrated and trigger a headache. However, even a small amount of alcohol can start a migraine because certain varieties of alcohol, including red wine and beer, contain tyramine, which can trigger migraines quickly.

3. Strong Scents

Perfumes or colognes are an extremely common trigger of migraines, but other harsh scents like cleaning chemicals, car exhaust, or smoke can all bring on a headache.

4. Blinking or Bright Lights

Seniors who are prone to migraines are often very sensitive to bright or blinking lights. Things like television screens, fluorescent lighting, computer monitors, and twinkling holiday lights can all cause these issues. Particularly bright lighting can also make a migraine worse.

5. Caffeinated Beverages

Caffeine stimulates blood flow and can occasionally cause migraines. A small amount of caffeine, such as a bite of chocolate, will not cause issues, but having over two cups of caffeinated beverages daily can prompt a headache.

6. Stress

Stress is the most common trigger of migraines among seniors because high stress levels cause high levels of cortisol and other hormones to increase blood pressure. In addition to stress, anxiety or nervousness can also cause migraines.

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