Winter Activities Seniors Can Enjoy with Their Adult Children

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Many adult children run out of ideas that they can try with their elderly parents. Even if the parent is not able to get around anymore, many still enjoy taking wonderful photos. Windermere at-home care agencies recommend digging out that old camera and have a fun day photographing with your senior loved one this winter.

Tabletop Studio

A tabletop studio is the perfect way to do photography at home. Creating one is incredibly easy. You will need a threefold school project board that is sold in the stationary department of most large department stores and one or two strobe lights like many home mechanics use in the garage. You will also need an object to photograph such as a pretty plate or a piece of jewelry. Start by laying the board down on a table so that the largest white area faces up in the middle of your table. One short piece should be held up at the back to block out anything behind your scene. Play with the lights so that you create the best lighting for your scene. Usually, you will want one light in front of the scene and another one overhead. Then, shoot away. Once you see the first images, do not be afraid to change everything.

Senior Portraits

Capturing a picture of your elderly parent can make a wonderful simple project. Start by having him or her get dressed in an outfit that he or she truly loves. Now, fix his or her makeup and hair. Spend the time to really pamper your loved one so that he or she feels special. Now, have your senior loved one sit in his or her favorite chair. Position a light behind the person taking the photo shining towards the parent to eliminate any shadows. The best photos usually have the eyes 1/3 of the way down in the viewfinder. Your senior will adore the day of pampering and having his or her photo taken.

Playing with photography in the house is a great way to get creative with an elderly parent that can no longer get around this winter. You can get creative with a tabletop studio or treat our loved one to a day of pampering finished off by taking his or her portrait. For more ideas to keep your loved one engaged this winter, contact Prestige Home Care at (407) 604-0506. Our comprehensive Windermere dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke care promotes vitality and longevity among aging seniors in order to boost overall wellbeing. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call.


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