5 Ways to Get the Home Ready for Stroke Care

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Senior stroke survivors and their families often have to make lifestyle and environmental changes, and most doctors believe home is usually the best place for a survivor to recover. If your loved one has had a stroke, Orlando at-home stroke care experts recommend making the following modifications before bringing him or her home.

1. Modify the Bathtub or Shower

One of the first areas to consider for modification is your loved one’s shower or bathtub. Some seniors may need to have grab bars installed in the shower, some may need a chair or a bench to sit on while bathing, and some may need a transfer bench to easily slide from the chair to the tub.

2. Control the Water Temperature

One of the primary concerns for seniors who have had a stroke is the ability to control the water’s temperature. Installing long handles on the water controls makes them easier to grab. If your loved one has impaired vision because of the stroke, consider installing knobs with highly contrasting colors.

3. Alter the Commode

Toilet raisers make it easier for seniors who have had a stroke to get on and off the commode. Some seniors may find it easier to use a three-in-one commode chair.

4. Install a Different Bathroom Sink

If your loved one is using a wheelchair, a cut-out sink he or she can roll under can make using the bathroom sink much easier. Install a new bathroom sink or cut away the cabinet from the current one. Make sure you protect the hot water pipes to prevent accidental burns.

5. Change Out the Closet and Drawer Openings

Stroke survivors often find closet door handles and drawers inconvenient to open. Consider installing D-loops that can be operated with one fist.

Making these five changes can make your loved one’s life easier while recovering from a stroke. Try and complete these changes before he or she arrives home. For more tips on helping stroke survivors make the transition back home easier, contact Prestige Home Care. We provide in-home elder care Orlando families can rely on. Our post-stroke caregivers can help your loved one recover safely and efficiently in the comfort of his or her home. We offer mobility assistance, physical therapy, and emotional support to help seniors recover from strokes. Call (407) 232-7155 to learn more about our post-stroke care and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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