Helping Caregivers Manage Guilt

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It is quite common for Orlando senior care providers to harbor feelings of guilt. They might believe that they should be doing more. They might feel guilty for resenting the loss of personal time. Perhaps there are longstanding unresolved issues between the family member and the senior. Maybe they feel guilty after comparing themselves with someone else. Personal responsibilities may take time away from caregiving, however, there are methods to overcome the guilt.

Don’t Deny Feeling Guilty

It is a perfectly normal human emotion. Once you acknowledge it, you can resolve it. Begin by looking at the situation realistically. Often there is resentment between family members. If feeling guilt about resenting something said or done by a family member, try to resolve the problem. Forgive the circumstance and move on. Holding onto negative feelings only creates more problems for Orlando home caregivers down the road.

Give Yourself Permission to Have Flaws

Everyone makes mistakes. Focus on your strengths, and resist the urge to concentrate on negative aspects of caregiving. Instead, give yourself some credit for the things you are doing right for your loved one.

Do the Best You Can

Unforeseen changes in circumstances may prevent you from spending more time with your elderly loved one. It might be hard to swallow, but you must give yourself a break in order to make the best decisions possible for your loved one.

Take Time for Yourself

It might be for an hour a week, every few days or each day if necessary. This time is vital for re-energizing and getting a healthier perspective on your duties. Relax, read a book, see a movie or spend time with friends. You definitely deserve it and you will be a better caregiver for it.

Talk with Family or Friends About Your Feelings

Sometimes merely talking about the anger, frustration and guilt helps release the burden. Consider attending support group meetings or talking to your friends and family. You will soon see that what you are dealing with is common among all caregivers.

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