5 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Family Caregivers

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Christmas is the ideal time for family members to express gratitude to another who provides care for an elderly loved one. There are numerous thoughtful gift ideas that will show the Orlando home caregiver in your life that you care.

1. Provide Availability

Perhaps provide the caregiver with a phone card to be used to call you whenever he or she needs someone to share his or her emotions and thoughts with. This gift provides the family member with the opportunity to alleviate stress and vent or just enjoy a simple conversation with another adult. Volunteering a few hours a week of your time to help accomplish chores or give the caregiver time for themselves is also an idea.

2. Self-Care Ideas

Encourage the Orlando live-in caregiver to make time for themselves by presenting them with a gift card to a local coffee shop, restaurant or other relaxing venue. The activity provides time to relax and regroup away from daily duties.

3. Personalized Gifts

Think of gifts that recognize the individual for who they are and what they enjoy. Perhaps a set of scented candles for someone who enjoys home decor, or a unique kitchen gadget for those who love to cook. Consider their preferences and hobbies and go from there.

4. Offer an Escape

If the caregiver is an avid reader, buy one or more books that you feel he or she might enjoy. Maybe a magazine subscription would do the trick. Movie lovers might also enjoy a subscription to a movie channel or Netflix. The moments spent reading a book or magazine or indulging in a must-see movie help the caregiver unwind and relax for a while.

5. Gourmet Basket

Create or purchase a gourmet basket with some of the indulgences you know the caregiver will enjoy. If they enjoy coffee, select an option with a variety of flavors or coffees from around the world. A special treat basket might contain delectable chocolates and other confections. Snack baskets would hold an array of sausages, cheeses, crackers and other goodies plus maybe a bottle of wine.

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