5 Activities for Elderly People with Limited Mobility

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Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility in Prestige Home Care

Changes in mobility shouldn’t keep seniors from living robust and fulfilling lives. There are countless activities your aging loved one can enjoy despite limits in mobility. Here’s a look at 5 hobbies for seniors with limited mobility, brought to you by the Orlando senior home care specialists at Prestige Home Care.

1. Scrapbooking

Making scrapbooks is an engrossing activity for seniors who love going through old family albums. There are many scrapbooking kits and accessories that can be purchased at local craft stores. Seniors can organize their memories and prepare cherished keepsakes to be passed on to family members.

2. Museum Tours

Some local museums, zoos, and planetariums are wheelchair accessible, and many art and science museums offer special discounts for senior citizens. These engaging exhibits can contribute to your senior loved one’s lifelong learning goals. Your loved one can even join a local senior activities group that regularly takes these tours together. In time, he or she may become an expert on modern art, popular local artists, exotic animals, or the solar system.

3. Journaling

Journaling is a healthy activity for housebound seniors. Writing can be cathartic, and it may be just what your loved one needs if he or she is adapting to physical changes. Not only can seniors write down their private thoughts and feelings, but they can also work through past events in a positive way.

4. Genealogy Research

Many people love learning more about their ancestors and tracking down distant relatives. For seniors with limited mobility, this hobby may prove especially engrossing because it can revive a sense of connection with people who have passed on. There are countless online resources for seniors to identify their ancestors and create clear and cohesive records of their findings.

5. Singing

Joining a local choir is a great way for aging adults to enrich their social lives and share their musical talents. Singing is also a great exercise for the lungs, which is important for seniors with sedentary lifestyles.

If your loved one needs assistance with his or her hobbies or daily activities, call Prestige Home Care for live-in or hourly care. Orlando seniors can benefit from a variety of senior care plans. To learn more about create a customized care plan for your aging loved one, call us at (407) 232-7155.

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