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Tips for Healthier Eating from Around the Globe


Tips for Healthier Eating from Around the Globe

Obesity is on the rise, and this can be attributed to the combination of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. Fortunately, seniors can take a cue from other cultures that have many lessons to teach regarding healthy eating. Here are a few of the best tips from around the world.

Focus on Presentation

In Japan, bento boxes are a popular lunch for kids and adults alike. Each bento box contains a small serving of rice, a protein, and vegetables that are often formed into cute shapes. Although sculpting a panda out of a rice ball might be a bit much, you can still focus on filling your aging loved one’s plate with colorful fruits and vegetables that will make nutritious meals more interesting.

Spice It Up

In India, spices are used in place of unhealthy fats to add flavor. Not only do the spices add a touch of color and taste, but they also have health benefits. For example, red pepper, ginger, and turmeric can lower cholesterol.

A professional caregiver can be a wonderful source of encouragement when your loved one is trying to practice healthier habits, including eating more nutritious foods. Home care agencies can be a great boon to seniors. With the help of the caregivers at Prestige Home Care Orlando, your aging loved one can lead a happier and healthier life. Our caregivers encourage seniors to eat nutritious foods, exercise and socialize regularly, and focus on other lifestyle factors that increase life expectancy.

Change the Portions

Mexicans have a unique tradition: they make lunch the biggest meal of the day. Current research indicates the body may be less resistant to insulin at night, which means eating a smaller meal at dinnertime may curb weight gain. Additionally, a larger lunch could prevent midday snacking.

Family caregivers need to maintain healthy lifestyles too, which involves taking time to attend to their own wellbeing. Whether you need respite from your caregiving duties or your aging loved one needs Altamonte Springs live-in care, Prestige Home Care Orlando can meet your family’s care needs. Our dedicated caregivers are available around the clock to provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, ensure seniors take their prescribed medications, and help with a variety of tasks in and outside the home.

Pour a Glass of Wine

Italian food is known for being heavy in carbohydrates and fats. However, Italians get at least one thing right when they indulge in a glass of wine each night. When following this tip, moderation is key. Only one regular serving of wine is necessary to get the beneficial antioxidants that can prevent cardiovascular disease.

Chow Down with Chopsticks

Chinese cuisine requires using chopsticks, which often causes people to eat more slowly. Since it takes the body approximately 20 minutes to recognize it’s no longer hungry, this tip can help seniors eat less.

A professional caregiver can be a terrific source of support for a senior who needs a hand with planning and preparing nutritious meals. If you have a senior loved one who needs help maintaining a high quality of life while aging in place, reach out to Prestige Home Care Orlando, a leading provider of elderly home care Orlando families can rely on. All of our caregivers are bonded, licensed, and insured, there are no hidden fees, and we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts. If your senior loved one needs help with the challenges of aging, call us today at (407) 604-0506.

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