Games that Help Seniors with Dementia

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games that help seniors with dementia home care prestige Orlando

As people age, it is natural for some memory loss to occur. However, some seniors may experience extreme memory loss and impairment due to dementia or brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Altamonte Springs Prestige Home Care understands that playing games can stimulate cognition and help seniors with dementia retain brain and memory function.


This is a great game for seniors with dementia because it is easy to play without seeming juvenile. The game also requires participants to match shapes, numbers, colors, or letters, so it helps boost cognitive function. The physical task of marking numbers as they are called out can also be a useful way for seniors with dementia to strengthen their fine motor skills.


Smartbrain is a computer game specifically designed to boost memory through interactive training. A study by Spanish researchers for the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry revealed that the game could boost memory and focus for people with Alzheimer’s. It also helped them form new memories in addition to accessing old ones.

Word Games

An inability to access or remember common words is one of the first signs of dementia. Games that require seniors to match words with images or complete common phrases strengthen their memory of words, which can be an effective way to help seniors retain word retrieval abilities.


If your loved one has a smartphone, he or she will find this series of games useful. Clevermind is a mobile phone app that is designed for people with degenerative brain conditions. It provides a variety of games that help to promote memory and there are options available to meet each senior’s cognitive abilities.


Seniors may find this game particularly intriguing and mentally stimulating. Qwirkle is a game similar to dominoes that requires players to match small squares with shapes and colors on them. The simple rules prevent confusion or frustration, and the colorful pieces provide mental stimulation that encourages the brain to make more neural connections.

Seniors with dementia benefit from games and activities that stimulate their minds, but sometimes they require more than cognitive stimulation. Prestige Home Care is a leading provider of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s home care in Altamonte Springs that strives to help seniors safely age in place. In addition to offering emotional stimulation and companionship, our compassionate caregivers monitor for safety, offer medication reminders, and help with mobility assistance. Give your loved one the dementia care he or she deserves by calling (407) 604-0506 and scheduling a free consultation.


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